21 JANUARY 2015

Many moons ago (not quite when dinosaurs roamed the earth!!), children used to play a game called “Dare, Truth or Promise”. This involved each participant getting a turn to be ”it”, while the rest of the group offered them the choice of one of the three challenges. If the player chose “dare”, the others would decide upon a suitably “daring” challenge which the participant would then have to act upon – if they did not have the courage to do so, they were out of the game (and also labelled a bit of a sissie!). Perhaps it would be fun to play a version of this game in 2015 involving a more personalised and education-focussed approach, with just one player – yourself – challenging, daring and promising, and then observing the outcomes – good or not so good. We are all aware of our strengths and weaknesses, whether we always acknowledge them to ourselves or not. We also know that we do not always stretch ourselves to the limit of our abilities, either through fear, doubt, lack of motivation or some other insecurity. In addition, we have all been down that New Year’s Resolution Road, when we eagerly, with the very best of intentions, vow to do things differently in the coming months. Within a short space of time we are forced to admit that things have not really shaped up as planned. So there is no harm in trying our new and improved 2015 Dare, Truth or Promise – no body need know that you are a player (just yourself, of course, the best, most qualified judge of all the different aspects of your life). However, successful participation in the game will reap the rewards of challenging yourself to set new goals, ideals and boundaries. Friends and family will observe your renewed energy, success, happiness and sense of contentment. Let’s play!

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