8 JUNE 2017

Two important issues have been raised during the past few weeks, namely Anti-Bullying and Child Protection awareness. In the light of all of this, we would like to reflect on Anti-Bullying Awareness. Bullying makes the headlines almost daily. We would like to unpack the definition of bullying and then look at Bullying vs Conflict:

So what is Bullying?: Bullying is the inappropriate use of power by an individual or group, with the intent to injure either physically or emotionally , i.e. physical or psychological (verbal or non-verbal). It is usually deliberate and most importantly repetitive.

The 4 common types of Bullying are: Physical (hitting, etc.); Verbal; Social/Relational & Cyber Bullying.

Conflict: Conflict is a disagreement or a difference of opinion or interest between equals. Those involved in a conflict may disagree and emotions may run high. In conflict, both parties have the power to influence the situation and that is their goal. Conflict may be an inevitable part of group or peer dynamics, but bullying is not.

Very often at school, conflict situations arise between learners, but we tend to say “My child is being bullied.” I think it is vitally important to distinguish between the two, as often emotions run high between various parties, which causes greater issues.

As a school, we take a firm stand against bullying behaviour. We also have a problem box, where learners can express themselves. This is emptied regularly and the issues are dealt with. As part of our policy, we strongly discourage parents from “tackling” other children who they perceive to be bullying their child. Instead contact the school and please don’t take the law into your own hands. With regards to Cyber Bullying, please check your children’s cellphones regularly, monitor the “chats” that they are having with friends. Encourage them not to say negative or nasty things, as this often leads to unnecessary conflict in the playground the next day. We have asked an independent service provider to do an assessment of our policy and the campaigns we ran last year, to judge their relevance and effectiveness. We will receive this feedback shortly and the outcomes will be communicated in the next newsletter.

This year our focus is on being a BPS Superhero. This does not mean that children have to wear a cape and have x-ray vision. They are to be kind, are encouraged to practise and display good manners, be helpful and most importantly, show the necessary respect. This we believe will go a long way towards raising the healthy, confident children, with good selfesteems, we wish to see within our school and communities.

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