10 DECEMBER 2014

Emotions experienced at the end of a year are often a combination of feelings resulting from the events which have highlighted and shaped the past twelve months. Here at Bergvliet Primary School we have flowed seamlessly from Term One through to Term Four in what seems to have been a very short space of time. We are charmed by the anticipation of the joys of the long Summer holidays, and a well-deserved rest from the routines of the working week; we savour excitement as the time approaches when family, friends and neighbours get together to socialise, catch-up and share in the mellow days of December and January, and we acknowledge sadness too, as goodbyes and partings loom. Resolve to make each moment of these holiday hours count, fill them with memorable and special activities, and make a determined effort to plan a lifestyle for 2015 which embraces sustainability, concern and consideration for others and a positive attitude which will enable you to focus your energies in a creative, balanced and rewarding direction in the new year.

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