23 JUNE 2015

The Winter school holidays are a mere 72 hours away – we will all be able to enjoy the freedom and fun which these three weeks no doubt hold in store. There is nothing more exhilarating than long walks on mountain trails or sandy beaches when the air is bracingly cold, followed by warm, fireside evenings spent enjoying family time, reading good books and playing board games. June is National Environment Month – from 01 – 30 June we focus on our wonderful planet and endeavour to cultivate good and lasting sustainable habits. Remember to keep recycling during the holidays so that you are able to fill our recycling igloos with glass and paper on your return to school on 20 July. This will mark the start of the Third Term of 2015, an excellent time to renew your efforts to achieve the most that you can out of each academic day, attaining the best results possible – success brings a sense of achievement and satisfaction which is excellent motivation to reach ever higher.

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