09 APRIL 2014

 Here we are at the start of Term Two – 2014 – this will be a term of 12 weeks, culminating on Friday, 27 June 2014.  This is the Second Term of the school year.  Time for a second chance!  If the First Term did not end as well as you would have hoped, with regard to your child’s progress or academic success, this is the opportunity to try again.  Perseverance, persistent effort and dogged determination are essential ingredients in the recipe used to achieve better results.  Support your child’s attempts at improvement and the attainment of higher goals by ensuring that you are there for them – designate one-on-one homework time,  offer them loads of encouragement, and where you deem a small reward or incentive earned, or praise due, do not hesitate to reinforce their positive efforts.   Remember that there is no shame in coming second place in any sphere of endeavour – very often, taking a second for second thoughts and reassessment of the situation, will achieve a most merit-worthy, first-class outcome.

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